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Is there a surgical procedure in your future?  Manual Lymphatic Drainage can help

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a treatment that moves excess fluid out of the body, helping to stimulate and create a better functioning immune system.  By” draining” your lymphatic system, MLD assists in preparing your body for surgery, and maintaining good health.

More and more Canadians are finding it difficult to detach themselves from their phones and computers.  Bit by bit these seemingly innocent devices have invaded our lives and some people are looking at ways to detox from this addiction.

Skipping into Spring

This time of year brings back fond memories of getting out and skipping with my friends.   Watching anxiously until the side walks and ground became free of snow, Running and finding the rope behind the boots in the closet and getting out and jumping!

Clients' Corner

My name is Doug and I had reconstructive Knee (ACL) surgery in my early 50's from a skiing incident. I was having a slow recovery leaving me anxious to get back to skiing, cycling, trail running and hockey.  My knee felt stiff and achy. 

Kim recommended compression socks and measured me accordingly for the right fit for me.  They offered quick relief at both the office and recreationally.  I was amazed at the difference these socks made and how it reduced my stiffness and allowed me to get back to all the things I loved in an affective and pain free way.  Thank you compression socks and thank you Head to Foot Oasis.

(In Cancer and Lymphedema Program)

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