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Love your feet

After you completed your Valentine’s Day shopping and running around for all your loved ones, take some time to ‘be good to yourself and love your feet.’  Do something special for yourself by making sure to follow 5 healthy tips to take care of your feet:

Chocolate massages by Head to Foot Oasis


Vote for Head to Foot Oasis in Burlington Post People Choice Awards

The therapists and staff at Head to Foot Oasis want to thank you for nominating us in the 2015 Burlington Post People choice award.  Natasha has once again been nominated for best Chiropodist and Kim for best Massage Therapist.

Clients' Corner

My name is Doug and I had reconstructive Knee (ACL) surgery in my early 50's from a skiing incident. I was having a slow recovery leaving me anxious to get back to skiing, cycling, trail running and hockey.  My knee felt stiff and achy. 

Kim recommended compression socks and measured me accordingly for the right fit for me.  They offered quick relief at both the office and recreationally.  I was amazed at the difference these socks made and how it reduced my stiffness and allowed me to get back to all the things I loved in an affective and pain free way.  Thank you compression socks and thank you Head to Foot Oasis.

(In Cancer and Lymphedema Program)

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